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[08 Mar 2007|11:06pm]
Quick update:

Poker game - My/Toni's house game starts 5pm sharp
Come anytime after we get home from brunch (going for noon, so home maybe 1)
$10 buy in
8/10 confirmed people: Toni, Myself, Matt, Matt's g/f, Steph, Steph's b/f, Vince, Paolo

MUST let me know ahead of time, don't just show up or you wont be playing :)

PS: What kinda snacks ppl want? I'm going sunday afternoon, so if you care for anything in particular, post it before then and I'll get what I can.
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[12 Feb 2007|01:55pm]

Do it, lj is outdated :p
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[28 Aug 2006|01:30pm]
What the hell guys, no updates from camping? GEEZ...... YOU've been back long enough already!
Updates, pictures, cmon!
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[22 May 2006|09:55pm]
One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and
decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the
wife decides to take the boat out.
She motors out a short distance, anchors, and reads her book.

Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the
woman and says, "Good morning, Ma'am.
What are you doing?"
"Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?")
"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her.
"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading."
"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could
start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up."
"If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says
the woman.
"But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden.
"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you
could start at any moment."
"Have a nice day ma'am," and he left.
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[12 May 2006|12:35am]
This comes directly from playstation.com:

May 8, 2006
Equipped with Blu-ray and Pre-Installed HDD
United States: US $499 (20GB HDD) and US $599 (60GB HDD)
Canada: CAN $549 (20GB HDD) and CAN $659 (60GB HDD)

Good fucking game. Except for the prices, gg.
I KNEW it was just in time for the xmas rush :p
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[21 Apr 2006|02:25am]
[ mood | chipper ]

HAHA biotches!

I haven't posted in probably 4 months. GOOD.

Sum up of my life:

- Toni and I are still together, and wonderful (for those of you who were doubtful when I proposed)
- I sold the Spirit for parts (kept breaking down so I finally had enough)
- I purchased (leased-to-own) a '96 Mustang (3.8L V6 5spd)
- I get the car May 11th.
- I begin exams Monday, April 24 (wow.... crazy how fast exams came after strike was over)
- I got hired during an interview today with a Customs Broker (their name will remain private until I figure out more details regarding the job, which I'll have tomorrow)
- I've been crazy into competitive CS (and I've gotten crazy better, and unfortunately for Joe, he doesn't like to scrim and is a Pub whore)
- I've been working 6 days a week (51 hours per week), and I'm going to continue to do so at the bingo until I begin this new job (which is part time on the weekends for now, then when full time opens up I jump into that)
- That's about it... life's not very exciting since I don't have time to let it be

I'm planning on taking off May 11th so I can fuck around with my car, perhaps put the deck in there at least since the factory mustang decks are beyond gross, like.... I'd probably prefer the Spirit's factory radio over this.. that's how gay it is... so yea.. if anyone wants to chill May 11th, let me know and I'll do whatever I can do have it off :)

So as of right now, no 89x B-Day Bash for me.
No $$, and I don't really believe that it's worth 40bux+tax. Screw that madness.

I still live at my aunts, although I've been spending a lot of time here at Toni's (where I am right this minute) since I don't have a car until May 11th (for the 50th time) and we've been working around her car (she has a 2003 Dodge SX2.0 for those of you who didn't know).

Uhm.... No camping for me this summer, as I'll have no $$ to spare (I'd like to save whatever I can scrap up, even if its 20 bux a month) with the car payments/insurance on top of my other bills. Those of you who are wondering, the insurance is 329/month but I'm pretty sure that's with 300 and 500 deductables, I'm going to see if I put it to 1000 deductables if it goes down enough to make it worth it, if not w/e...it's full coverage, so that's great. For a mustang, that's a great price. Great. And I turn 21 soon. Even cheaper insurance. HA.

Rah........ I'm still reading the Sword of Truth series written by Terry Goodkind (AMAZING book series involving magic and like.. well it just makes you THINK, it's not a children's book, it has like crazy gore, swearing and like.. sex and shit) and I'm currently on the 8th book out of 9 realeased to date (the 9th book is the beginning of a trilogy that ends the entire series), with book 10 being released in June. I suggest if you can, goto the library or ask me to borrow the first book, and I guarantee you'll LOVE it. If you don't, I'll take you out to lunch. I'm that positive it's pwnage. The first book is called 'Wizard's First Rule'.... gg.

Well, I'm ending it now... nobody will probably even read this ramble of mine, and if it gets much longer there's even less of a chance of somebody reading it.. AND I have class in less than 10 hours.... SHITTy......

PS: I'm on OGL with Joe (hasn't played a single game through yet on this ladder), Vu (played once), and Brett, as well as a friend of mine named Mike .... we're on the 3v3 OGL CS Open ladder for shits, and we're currently 6th with a match that was supposed to take place tonight for 2nd place, but the match didn't happen so we gotta see if we can reschedule or just rechallenge if we have to... SO YA. GO OGL rofl.... just thought I'd add this for those of us CS ppl who used to know when OGL was the shit back in the day :)

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[22 Dec 2005|01:52pm]
A woman went into a pet shop to buy her husband a pet. After
looking around she realized that all the pets there were very
expensive. She went to the counter and questioned the clerk.

"I wanted to buy my husband a pet, but all of yours are so
expensive", she said.

"Well," said the clerk, "I have a huge bullfrog in the back for
$50.00. Would you like to see it?"

"$50.00?? For a Frog??" asked the woman.

The clerk said, "It's a special frog. It gives blow jobs."

Well, the woman did not particularly enjoy giving head, so, she
thought this was a heck of a deal. She'd get her husband a gift
he'd surely enjoy, and she'd never have to do that again. The
woman decided to buy the frog.

She took it home to her husband and explained the strange gift.
Of course, the husband was a bit skeptical, but said for sure
he'd try it out that night. The woman went to bed that night
relieved knowing she'd never have to give another blow job.

About two in the morning, she woke up to hear pots and pans
banging around in the kitchen. She got up to go see what was
going on. When she got to the kitchen she saw her husband and
the frog, sitting at the kitchen table like best buddies,
looking through cookbooks.

"What are you two doing looking through cookbooks at this hour?"
asked the woman.

The guy looks up at her and says, "Well, if I can teach this
frog to cook, your ass is outta here."
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[28 Sep 2005|01:48am]
I just want everyone to know that I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have my Toni.
Not only can we fight then laugh about it and get through things pretty good, we're perfect together.
We know what to do to make eachother happy, and we know how to cheer eachother up, as well as knowing what the other needs.
I love my Toni, and I can't wait to marry her.

Just thought I'd share.
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[10 Sep 2005|11:19am]

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[01 Sep 2005|02:07pm]
I'm looking to sell my PSP with accessories and games for 300-350.
Games: Gretzkey NHL, Some game that's like Diablo II, and Spiderman 2
Movies: Spiderman 2
Accessories: Case, charger, car charger, cases for games (all have a case)

Let me know if you are interested.
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Great joke :D [01 Jul 2005|11:47pm]
A successful businessman flew to Vegas for the weekend to gamble. He lost the shirt off his back, and had nothing left but a quarter and the second half of his round trip ticket -- If he could just get to the airport he could get himself home. So he went out to the front of the casino where there was a cab waiting.

He got in and explained his situation to the cabbie. He promised to send the driver money from home, he offered him his credit card numbers, his drivers license number, his address, etc. but to no avail. The cabbie said (adopt appropriate dialect), "If you don't have fifteen dollars, get the hell out of my cab!" So the businessman was forced to hitch-hike to the airport and was barely in time to catch his flight.

One year later the businessman, having worked long and hard to regain his financial success, returned to Vegas and this time he won big. Feeling pretty good about himself, he went out to the front of the casino to get a cab ride back to the airport.

Well who should he see out there, at the end of a long line of cabs, but his old buddy who had refused to give him a ride when he was down on his luck. The businessman thought for a moment about how he could make theguy pay for his lack of charity, and he hit on a plan.

The businessman got in the first cab in the line, "How much for a ride to the airport," he asked? "Fifteen bucks," came the reply. "And how much for you to give me a blowjob on the way?" "What?! Get the hell out of my cab." The businessman got into the back of each cab in the long line and asked the same questions, with the same result.

When he got to his old friend at the back of the line, he got in and asked "How much for a ride to the airport?" The cabbie replied "fifteen bucks." The businessman said "ok" and off they went. Then, as the drove slowly past the long line of cabs the businessman gave a big smile and thumbs up sign to each driver.
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[17 Jun 2005|12:17am]
Complete and utter destruction.
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[14 Jun 2005|05:24pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Just wondering:
Who out there in a relationship, feels as though they would be ready to get married to that person?
Life is short, and most of us are 20-21ish, time doesn't slow down any.. What's everyone waiting for?
Just curious.

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[10 Mar 2005|11:20pm]
I must say that the Festiva is back in action.
Action plan:
- Get new tires (15's! :D :D)
- Get a deck put in
- Build custom HUGE box in the back, room enough for my 15 inch sub, 2 6x9's and 2 amps (taking out the backseat = 0wnt)
- Carpet the interior (dash, roof, doors etc) and make custom Festiva ownage
- That is all for now...when I get the money and the... freedom to do what I wanna with the money...
- later.. exterior, front / rear bumpers, side skirts; interior, new shifter knob, that little console thingy

PS: I have a mission this week. Pretty much 'mission impossible' but we shall see... :S
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[07 Mar 2005|03:48pm]
For those who care to have a friendship with me, let me know.
We'll start over, leave the past in the past, and if things don't work out then they don't work out.
But then again, things just might.
I love cs.
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[21 Feb 2005|11:31pm]
When: This Friday night, Friday February 25th, 2005

Where: Famous Players Silvercity Windsor for the 7pm showing of "Cursed". Then, bowling at Bowlero.

What: Movies, then bowling.

Time: I'll find out the showtime for sure tomorrow night and I will let everyone know.

Comment if you want to come.
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hmm.. [21 Feb 2005|10:23am]
Am I the only one who finds it comical that the only people who emailed me to find out 'what my problem was' were; Paolo, Chris, Toni, Arica and Sean? None of these 5 ever asked me what my problem was, yet they know I have nothing bad to say so they gave it a whirl, a few expecting some bad and never got it. Hmm...... I find it interesting that the people I do have a problem with never emailed me. Is it they didn't see my post? Is it they don't care? Is it they are going to keep asking me what my problem is meanwhile they never really asked me to find out? ok....

On a brighter note.. my car has been in the shop for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. Not a bright note at all eh? It's a SMALL freakin' piece of exhaust pipe...how the hell can't they do this.. in like 2 days...max.... So tonight I'm going over there to get it back or take it elsewhere or figure something out because this is getting ridiculous. Although I really wouldn't want to drive my car in the snow..lol

And uh.... Friday there's going to be some plans made, if you want in let me know and I'll let you know a) if you are invited; and b) if so, what the plans are. Ok, that is all.
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[19 Feb 2005|02:24pm]
So I guess some people think that I have a lot of 'shit talking' or 'shit disturbing' to do, so if you really want to hear what I have to say about you just email me and I'll reply letting you know my thoughts.
Not a hard concept, but I do give the fair warning most of you will not like what I have to say about you.
** god_white_tiger@hotmail.com **

Just a few... [15 Feb 2005|01:20pm]
Here are a few things I found funny:


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:D [14 Feb 2005|04:46pm]
To all those who give a shit about valentines day...


Even though I've never liked it before, or really cared about it in the least bit....I have a good feeling I'm about to start liking it.
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